i am currently sourcing this years stocks as soon as they arrive i will post pictures and advise expected dates that they will be released from quarantine. as always no fish will be released for sale until i am 100% happy with them. due to my contacts in japan if you are looking for that special fish please contact me as i will be able to supply it .



 Picture above: a sneak preview of this years first arrivals - tashiro mix






Above: Kazuto ikarashi  jumbo bloodline showa

from £125




Above: Kazuto ikarashi  jumbo bloodline showa


igrashi HQ  kohaku  from £70


takahashi  showa  35cm+  from £125









FEMALE       60CM






oofuchi kin-ki utsuri  female  38cm  £225








 above      hirasawa ogons   50-67 cm  

                                                                            suzusui showa 50-55cm