Here at Migoto koi we can offer a full pond design and build service using our own selected construction team or we can assist you in any aspect of your pond design/construction. You only build a pond once so build it right the first time. If you are considering building a koi pond  feel free to call in or email and we will help you in any way we can. Advice is free.

 we can also offer a bespoke pond cleaning service from garden ponds up to lakes with biosecurity assured at all times.

 We can offer a home health visit to assess your pond, take mucus scrapes and advise you on all health matters. We recommend that before you treat your pond with medications, you check your water quality first, as often poor water quality is the reason for your koi being ill. Only after your water quality has been checked and the reason for your koi being ill has been diagnosed should you subject your koi to the medications which are for the symptoms that your koi are showing. Often using the wrong medication can make the condition that they are suffering from worse and delay the effects of the correct medication.